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Higher Quality Parts

  • Thin walled, irregular, or out-of-round parts can be clamped for turning, milling and grinding without distortion
  • Out-of-flat parts can be clamped evenly on all points which will eliminate deformation
  • Parts can be centralized by collets to positively secure the part or by straight/tapered pins
  • Jaw quantity and position are designed to clamp the part in the optimum locations
  • Air sensing capable to ensure that the part is located against the workstop to maintain parallelism

More Throughput

  • Better quality parts decreases scrap rate
  • Workstops are designed to suit multiple parts to eliminate changeover
  • Thru spindle coolant capability prevents chip build up for nonstop production

Increase Uptime and Decrease Cost

  • Sealed against contamination for continuous use
  • All components are hardened and ground for long life to decrease repair costs

Positrol is a leading manufacturer of face clamping power chucks. Contact us to learn more about our custom capabilities. 

Swing Clamp Chucks
Swing Clamp Chucks
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Plate Clamp Chucks